Mechanics Hall


Great Hall
Complete facilities for showing slides, films, video, and power-point presentations from a projection booth at the rear of the Hall. The Great Hall is enclosed within the building and has no interference from outdoor light. An experienced audio-visual technician is available in-house to set up and operate the Hall's equipment.

• Sanyo 12,000 lumen LCD data/video projector
• 16mm sound film projector
• 2 (two) 35mm slide projectors
• 3 (three) overhead projectors. Projector lenses assure that images fill the screen
• 20' x 20' ceiling mounted projection screen. Motorized winches are remote controlled from the control booth.
• Control booth has ample counter space and electrical outlets and a clear view of stage and screen. Sound and lighting controls are located in the control booth.
• 26" and 32" TV monitors on rolling carts
• VHS and DVD recorders and players
• Portable 60" x 60" screens
• Flip charts and easels
• Laser pointer
• Intercom headsets
• Wireless lavaliere and hand-held microphones
• Follow spotlights
• Video cameras
• Video and audio taping facilities
• I-Mag, and closed circuit TV transmission to TV monitors in other rooms
• Wired and wireless high-speed internet connections
• Private telephone lines

Washburn Hall
Washburn Hall is equipped for showing video, slides, film, overhead projections, and power-point presentations. An experienced audio-visual technician is available in-house to set up and operate the Hall's equipment.

• 10' x 10' retractable projection screen
• 3000 lumen LCD data/video projector
• Cables and carts
• Permanent distributed sound system for up to 6 microphones
• Background music capability
• CD playback
• Wireless microphones, etc.
• Washburn Hall lighting is controlled by dimmers
• Wired and wireless high-speed internet access
• Private telephone lines


The Great Hall sound system provides uniform sound reinforcement to all seating areas of the hall and balconies. This is accomplished with a permanently installed, full-range, 4-way central loudspeaker cluster suspended over the Great Hall's stage, and 32 time-delayed recessed loudspeakers distributed under the hall's side balconies. Also, concealed in the ceiling over the rear balcony, are three time-delayed high frequency horns to improve coverage in the rear balcony seating area.

The central cluster:
JBL 4645 18" subwoofer cabinet (concealed at the top of the pipe organ)
Three JBL 4646 low frequency cabinets with JBL 2206 12" drivers
Six JBL 2380 bi-radial high frequency horns with JBL 2450 drivers
Four JBL 2404 super tweeters.

The loudspeakers are driven by:
13 CT-200 and CT-400 Crown power amplifiers (total rated power of 2600 watts) The sound system can produce undistorted peak sound levels of over 100 decibels throughout the hall and adjustable safety limiters are employed.

Four EAW-UB52 front-fill stage edge loudspeakers are driven by a Crown CT-400 amplifier with separate equalization and time delay.

The sound system's acoustical frequency response has been carefully measured and averaged, and using 1/3 octave equalizers, adjusted for nearly flat frequency response over the system's operating range of 40Hz to 16,000Hz. Average level at any seat does not vary more than 4dB from 40Hz to 8000Hz, thus assuring uniform coverage at any seat in the hall.

Output from the Great Hall can be monitored from backstage, the dressing rooms, Washburn Hall and Boyden Salon.

Allen & Heath GL2400-24 mixing control board for simultaneously mixing up to 24 microphones and providing phantom power to each input.

Four separate mixes for stage monitors is provided at the console and can be pre- or post-fader.

Eight stage monitor speakers are powered by four separate 400 watt amplifiers. These include:
4 (four) PAS 12" slant-type monitors
4 (four) Galaxy "hot-spot" monitors.

Four 1/3 octave equalizers can be patched for monitor equalization.

18 built-in microphone receptacles on the stage are connected to the sound system rack and can be patched into the mixing board.

Available Microphones:


6 ULX wireless systems:
6 hand-held or 6 body-pack lavaliere microphones


Sennheiser MD-421's