Mechanics Hall

19th Annual Art in the City Gala
May 12
Laugh Out Loud 3rd Edition
May 19
"Mozart in Havana" with pianist Simone Dinnerstein
Jun 11
Mechanics Hall
Where you can have it all! Play video

Elegant venue in Worcester, MA

Mechanics Hall is the premier event venue and concert hall in Central Massachusetts. Renowned for its elegance and sound qualities, the Hall's cultural significance, its stunning décor and architectural detail have earned it a listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The Hall is known as the finest pre-Civil War performance hall in America. Mechanics Hall is an acoustical masterpiece sought after by musicians and recording artists worldwide, and it is a beloved meeting space ideally suited for special events.

Whether you want to catch a concert performance, host an event, or rent a versatile venue in Worcester, MA, Mechanics Hall is the perfect choice.

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321 Main Street, Worcester, MA 01608; Info: 508-752-5608; Tickets: 508-752-0888
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